Card Counting streamlines a tactical game of blackjack.

Card counting in blackjack is somehow a nightmare for those us who are a bit forgetful or are dealing with mathematical anxiety. But this article will overpower all your fears and lack of coherent strategy. A punter doesn’t actually need to remember how many aces, queens or 4s are dealt out of the shoe. As we know that in the intense game of blackjack, all the picture cards hold a value of 10 and aces may be treated as 1s or 11 as per the hand played. So, more the aces and 10 value cards are lasting with the shoe more it is beneficial for the player. It influences the odds of winning. So, truly it is not mere keeping the track of number of cards dealt but it is actually hi low card counting i.e. the ratio of low value cards to high value cards.

Let’s simplify blackjack card counting practice by understanding few basic steps.

-> Assignment of values to cards:
Card of 2 to 6 holds a value = +1
Card of 7 to 9 holds a value = 0 and,
Card of value 10 to ace holds a value = -1.

-> Keeping a Running Count

These values signify that with each card dealt, a player will not be keeping the count of that card, rather will either be adding 1, subtracting 1 or doing nothing as per the above assigned values. This is done card after card and for each and every round until the dealer shuffles the card from the shoe. This strategy was quite helpful with the single deck game of blackjack. Higher the count, more are the odds of winning for the player. The high value cards pay out well and increases the chances of dealer going “bust” or over 21.

-> Keeping a True Count for multiple deck game of blackjack.

Maintaining a true count actually means to calculate a running count per deck. Casinos are smart enough nowadays to play with more than one deck. So, a shrewd player actually needs to calculate the true count by dividing the running count by the number of remaining decks . Maintaining this true count can take the bet to your advantage and you can place your strategic moves for much more cash.

-> Playing Deviations

Experts suggest to raise your bets as the true count rises and lower down the bets with the falling true count. Even a neutral true count doesn’t favour the player much.

Card counting is also about speed and accuracy. So, rather than each time going with calculations of getting a 4 (+1) and a jack (-1), resulting in a running count of “0”, take the card counting in pairs. Just keep in mind that whenever you get a high card and a low card, they cancel each other out and will simply be a “0”. This way, you will be a hands on expert in Las Vegas style card counting. Gradually a smart player can master other variants of card counting as well, like Omega, KO and halves. So here’s wishing you the best of both the worlds with luck and strategy.