Understanding Online Poker Bonuses | Quick Guide to Winning Big

Different Types of Poker Bonuses

Poker bonuses add extra value to your online gaming, and can extend your gaming time, allow you to place bigger bets and play in higher stakes games, and improve your chances of a big win. These are some of the most common types of bonuses that most poker sites have available, and laying claim to them can improve your gaming experience.

1. The No Deposit Bonus

This bonus gives you the chance to play poker without using your own money. New players are often hesitant about whether or not a site is worth signing up with and playing at, and the advantage of a No Deposit bonus is that it allows players to take the games for a test run without having to make any sort of financial commitment in order to do so.

2. The Deposit Bonus

Players who have made up their minds about where to play will particularly enjoy this bonus, since it rewards them by giving them extra money with which to play, according to how much they initially deposit into their new accounts. Online poker sites can make Deposit bonuses of up to 100% of your deposit available.

3. The Loyalty Bonus

This online poker bonus targets players that keep coming back to a site in order to play their games. You will be able to earn a series of comp points, and, after a preset amount of these has been acquired, you will be able to exchange these for various rewards and prizes. These can include free tickets into poker tournaments, cash prizes, holidays, and certain items from the VIP program too.

4. The Bad Beat Bonus

A bad beat is defined as a player losing a hand even though it was a very strong one –most generally, a Four of a Kind or higher will qualify for this kind of bonuses. Should this happen to you, this bonus will come into play, entering you into a competition to win a prize, most generally a progressive jackpot pot. This bonus is awarded by poker sites to players that have undergone some sort of bad luck, and it is made provision for at both online and Canadian mobile casino poker sites.

5. The Tournament Ticket Bonus

The Tournament Ticket bonus is usually offered as part of a Ladder tournament, and this is where players are able to purchase an initial buy-in and are able from thereon to qualify for the next tournament level. This bonus can allow players to buy-in at higher levels, or even let players buy-in at the lowest level, for the least amount of money, and then rise up through the various levels of the tournament without having to buy in again.

6. The Freeroll Tournament Bonus

Many online poker sites also include their freeroll tournaments as part of the bonuses they make available, and these make it possible for you to play for free, whilst still remaining in the running for the prize pot. Maximising the potential of a freeroll tournament can be done by making cash prizes available to those who finish in the highest position when the tournament ends, or free tickets being offered to games that would usually require quite a big buy-in.

The main attraction of online poker has to be the various bonuses on offer –find out where to get yours today, and up the ante to take the pot!