Online Casino games at Jackpot Fortune Casino

Playing at an online casino that offers a wide array of games is all that players want especially those starting their casino journey. When you join the casino players’ bandwagon, you do not have any one particular game in mind but the aim is to try as many as you can so that you can narrow down on your own your top picks thus it is essential you choose a casino with as many games such as Jackpot Fortune Casino. With a game collection of 1000+, there is a game for everyone at Jackpot Fortune Casino.

Just to give you a brief overview of what Jackpot Fortune has in store for you, here is a rundown of the top online casino games in their categories i.e. video poker games, slots, table games, and card games.

Video Poker Games

Video poker games are one of the most popular games in casinos thanks in part to high payout ratios. Video poker games also differ slightly from other casino games in that they require some degree of skill, they are not purely based on chance thus for those who have acquired a certain degree of skill in poker, they are able to consistently win.

Though video poker games do come with different variations such as Super Double Bonus, Super Aces Bonus, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus, Deuces Wild, Better, and Jack, the underlying aim in all these variations is basically the same. As a player, you need to make the highest-ranking poker hands by replacing the dealt cards in order to win.

Table games

At Jackpot Fortune, you also have the opportunity of choosing from a variety of table games. Table games refer to those games that are played on tables usually against other players or even the hand at a roundtable. Two of the most popular table games at Jackpot Fortune are roulette and craps.

Roulette’s popularity I would assume stems from Hollywood movies. In most gambling movie, roulette is the most shown or played casino game and it is from the glamour portrayed in these movies that many people who make their first foray into the casino decide on playing roulette. Roulette’s simple style of play also makes it a good proposition, though a certain degree of skill is required to become one of the best, one can bank on lady luck to win playing roulette. The objective in roulette is for the ball to fall in the combination of numbers or colour code you choose. Craps, on the other hand, are also popular but not advisable for casino novices as it comes with a very high house edge. Just like in roulette, you win if the dice rolls favourably to expose your combination of numbers. However, craps come with different betting options thus maybe a bit too complicated for novices.


Slots attract a lot of new players due to their sheer audiovisual treat. Though they are arguably the most played casino games, they do not attract a high volume of big-time gamblers as they pay relatively less in comparison to other games such as table games, video poker games, and card games. Nonetheless, they are entertaining and fun and if you choose slots with good jackpots, whether fixed jackpots (jackpot amount is predetermined) or progressive jackpots (jackpot keep increasing until the specified combination is hit), you may scoop for yourself a handsome jackpot.

Card games

Two of the most played card games at Jackpot Fortune Casino is blackjack and baccarat. The objective in card games is for you to better the dealer’s hand without exceeding the set value. In blackjack in order to win, your hand needs to be closer to 21 but does not need to exceed 21 while in baccarat your hand needs to be closer to 9 but does not have to exceed 9. Card games do require a special skill set in addition to lady luck if you are to become a bigtime player. In addition to these two, other popular card games you can play include Cassino, Five-Draw card, Rummy, Faro and Spanish 21 among others.