Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Holdem is currently the most popular type of poker game. This popularity is promoted by the game’s dynamics and its very simple rules. The game is composed of four basic stages. Getting to know the basic rules is very simple. The below exemplary deal can be the basis for learning. Keep in mind that a game can be finished at every stage; everything depends on players at the table and their style of playing. A showdown (showing all cards face-up on a table) can take place at every moment when players decide to bet their entire stack (all-in). In this situation, a dealer shows all the cards on a table and there is no more betting.

In Texas Hold’em poker game there are no complicated rules; from seven cards (2 cards in the hand and 5 community cards) you have to arrange your hand and predict other players’ hands. All this is separated into four stages of betting: pre flop (dealing cards), and showing three community cards on the table (Flop), and showing the fourth community card (Turn), and after showing the fifth community card (River). Difficult and exciting betting, as well as, a possibility of bluff spice up the game. The below exemplary deal shows a game of all the stages – in reality, the showdown is rare; especially in case of high stake poker.


The exemplary game starts with dealing two cards to every player – this is a hand. In order to prevent the game from being two passive, two players post blinds – a small blind and a big blind. The blinds are posted without looking into cards and circulate clockwise around the table after each deal. After dealing the cards and posting the blinds, there is betting. Other players, in order to enter the next stage, must call, that is adding the same number of chips to the pot as big blind. They can also raise and in that case, other players may call or re-raise if they want to take part in the subsequent stage of deal, in other case, they fold. Chips from this kind of betting go to a deal stake of the current deal.


After the first round of betting, there is the so-called flop – the dealing of the first three face-up cards to the table. These are community cards, this means that each player has got the possibility to arrange a hand, also with the use of own cards; still, it is not always necessary. After dealing the flop, there is another round of betting (this time, players in a small blind and a big blind position are not additionally charged). The players can bet, check, or fold. If someone bets, others must call, raise, or fold. After the end of betting there is another stage of a deal.


One face-up community card called ‘turn’ goes to the table. At this moment, there are four cards on the table plus our two cards, six in total. Our goal is to make up the final hand of five cards; therefore, one card will not be taken into consideration. This can be both an in-hand card or a community card. After the players see the fourth community card, there is another round of betting.


The last stage of game is the river. The last, fifth community card is dealt to the table. There will be no other cards; therefore, now each player knows his/her hand. The last round of betting begins. If all the players; but one, fold, this one player gets the pot and he/she may not show the cards – it is his/her decision. Still, in the situation where more than one person is still in the game, there is the showdown.


In the situation where one of the player makes a bet and the other one calls or both bet all their chips, there is the showdown – exposing players’ hands. It consists in players’ exposing their hands and a player with the best hand gets the pot. In case of a tie, the pot is divided.

Now, You know the basics and rules of texas holdem poker game. So be patient and good luck at the Poker Table!